Born under the hot summer sun of 2018 in Los Angeles, California; LOLA is designed for the bold free spirit and the trendsetter. Influenced by unique LA street vibes as much as the surrounding beaches and canyons; LOLA is a magnetic identity with the right amount of grit and glam.

LOLA is a collection of backpacks, fanny packs and effortlessly cool bags made from crinkled nylons and suntanned vegetable dyed leathers. The signature bubblegum pink interior features a swimsuit- derived mesh slide pocket with a “Property Of” patch; allowing each owner to stake claim to their beloved bag and detail out a reward for the hero who finds it when lost. LOLA can be spotted at the beach soaking up the sun, on weekend trips with the #squad, perusing local eateries and shops, or adventuring to the hottest music festivals.

LOLA is a colorful expression of a fearless personality. LOLA is the new muse on the block.

Shop our site to find bright colors of crinkled nylon and soft vegetable tanned leather crafted trendy backpacks and fanny packs for women of all ages.