On the 1st Friday of every month the winner of a free LOLA fanny pack will be chosen based on all tagged posts from the previous month. (i.e. Any posts from May will be announced on the 1st Friday of June)

Winners that are considered have done the following:

            - Posted a picture on Instagram with their favorite LOLA product **

              ** (Does not include story posts, must be on your feed)

            - Tagged @lolabackpacks in the post

Once chosen, the winner will be contacted via their Instagram DM. The winner has 30 days to reply with their shipping information. If the 30 days pass and the winner has not responded, she/he will no longer be eligible to receive the free fanny pack for that month. Once the winner’s address has been confirmed, the fanny (of our choosing) will be shipped out in about 3-5 business days. Once available a tracking number will be sent via the winner’s Instagram DM.

NOTE: If you were a winner and you received a free fanny, you will not be eligible to win again until 4 months after your original post that was chosen.


Here’s a little scenario:

You post a totally awesome pic in May.

#WINNING Your totally awesome post is chosen on the 1st Friday in June.

You have 30 days to respond, with your shipping info.

You get your new bestie fanny in June or July (based on when you respond with your shipping info)

SEPTEMBER: Sweeeet! Your 4 months have passed from your original post (MAY-JUNE-JULY-AUGUST) **

**Any posts in September are eligible to be chosen! Yippie!